A Personal History

1 Name : Kensaku Kawauchi

2 Birth Date: June 7, 1946 ; 64 years old

3 Work : Lawyer , a member of Tokyo Bar Association; Peace Activist

4 I am belonging to Japan Lawyers Association for Freedom ,Civil Wind
For Concentration toward Peace, Institute for the World, Asia and Japan

5 Address ; Yasuda & Kawauchi Law Office, Y Bldg. #401, 5-6-15 Ohtsuka,
Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

6 TEL. 081-03-5978-3784  FAX 081-03-5978-3706
E-mail kenkawauchi@nifty.com


7 Brief Personal Record
1965.3 graduation from prefectural Takaoka High School
1965.4 got into Tokyo University
1971.7 graduated from the department of law of Tokyo University
1971.7 joined Otsuki Shoten Publishers
1980.12 left Otsuki Shoten Publishers
1985  passed the Natinal Bar Examination
1988  registered as a lawyer
2001.4〜2002.3 a visiting fellow of Reishauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University
2002.9〜2003.4 went abroad to study at Beijing International Language College
2001〜2005 vice-president of Japan Lawyers International Solidarity
2010  founded Institute for the World, Asia and Japan, became the President

8 Hobby ; Reading, Folk Song, making Japanese Poem (Haiku),
the movies